About Us
  AC&C, LLC began in February of 1991 as a voice mail systems developer. In 1992 we were contracted to design one of the first map based geo coded telephone public warning systems using our voice mail technology.

Since that time we have come to realize that telephone dialing systems are simply not the way of the future when it comes to public warning systems. Our new patented public alert warning system is the first of its kind and is the only system capable of reaching virtually 100% of the population virtually 100% of the time even if power is out, phone lines are out, cell towers are down and TV and radio broadcast towers are down.

We can notify an area as small as one home or an area as large as the entire country all simultaneously without tying up phone lines, cell towers or any other communications systems that the public relies on to communicate in times of crises. For more information please visit our contact page.

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  Perfect Alert System
Able to alert those in danger anywhere,anytime without invading anyone’s privacy
Able to specify alert areas as small as one
home or as large as the United States
Must work in remote areas with no power or
cellular infrastructure
Must be cost-effective

Does not burden phone or cellular systems,
leaving them available to those in danger
Does not use databases of any kind
Must be able to notify 10 or 310 Million
people simultaneously
Can deliver text and voice messages in
multiple languages
Clear messages prompt specific actions for
those in danger